AI Ethics Goals For The 21st Century

AI ethics, advantages and disadvantages, Best AI practices in IoT, AI in Fintech and disruption of Banking infrastructure. Moderator: Alexandr Honchar. Speakers: Emmanuel Goffi, Steve Nouri, Aishwarya Srinivasan, Emmanuel Daniel, and Ana Chubinidze.

Watch here.

Main points addressed by Dr Goffi: 4′ – We are doing ethics without dointg ethics. We must stop using ethics as a mere communication tool. 6’40 – We are not adressing complex philosophical questions such as : does AI really exists? Are biases really wrong? What kind of society do we wnt for the future? We are doing superficial ethics chasing silver bullets answers. 18’36 – Cultures matter and must be taken into account in the ethical appraisal of AI. So far we are imposing a Western perspective that denies the diversity of ethical standpoints. 48’15 – Public and private AI stakeholders work hand in hand to promote vested interests. They are way more consequentialitst in their approach than they are deontoligical as they pretend using specific wording to sell their visions and products. This wording must be questioned. 1h01’20 – Advices for the future: be curious, do not buy things the way they are sold, read a lot, read diversity, read philsophy, make your own opinion.Show less

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