Our Projects

We are conducting several pojects regarding the relations between ethics applied to AI and cultures

The Global AI Ethics Institute is working on different projects to raise awareness on the importance of cultures in the ethical appraisal of AI systems. We welcome all comments and proposal for collaboration. Please use the “Contact us” section.

Report. Cultural perspectives on ethics applied to AI: Towards a Global Governance Respecting Cultural Diversity

This report will gather people from different cultural backrouhnd and working in the field of AI. The report aims at opening new perspectives towards a global goverannce of AI taking into account cultural differences.

Edited Volume. Ethics Applied to AI: cultural standpoints

This edited volume will offer a serie of chapters addressing specific cultural approaches regarding ethics applied to AI.

International Conference.
Why cultures matter in the debate on ethics applied to AI

This first conference oragnized by the GAIEI will gather experts from different cultural settings to discuss the role of culture in the establishment of a fair and respectful global governance system for AI.