Our Projects

We are conducting several pojects regarding the relations between ethics applied to AI and cultures

The Global AI Ethics Institute is working on different projects to raise awareness on the importance of cultures in the ethical appraisal of AI systems. We welcome all comments and proposal for collaboration. Please use the “Contact us” section.

Cultural perspectives on ethics applied to AI

This project will gather people from different cultural background and working in the field of AI. The project is aiming at opening new perspectives towards a global governance of AI with due respect for cultural differences.
Step 1: Co-creation and contriution to the International Group of Artificial Intelligence, Bahrain (2021).
Step 2: Partnership with and contribution to the CEST – Centro de Estudos Sociedade e Tecnologia, Brazil (2022).
Step 3: Partnership with and contribution to the CEST – Centro de Estudos Sociedade e Tecnologia, Brazil (2022).
Step 4: Partnership with the Ethical Technology Institute (2022).
Step 5: Creation of a group of experts in "non-Western" ethics (2022). See dedicated section.
Step 6: First report to be written with INDIAai, comparing European and Indian perspectives.
Step 7: Partnership with and contribution to the National Human Rights Council of Morocco (CNDH). Second report to be written with the CNDH on the articulation beween the need for universal standards and the demand for respect for cultural diversity.

Group of Global AI ethics experts

Studies have shown that the Global North is dominant in the production of AI principles. In the hopes of making other perspectives more accessible, Dr Ravit Dotan and Dr Emmanuel R. Goffi, co-Director of the Global AI Ethics Institute, have created a curated directory of high-level experts in non-Western AI ethics.
This group will contribute to the contextualization of AI ethics addressing the topic through its cultural dimension.
To access the directory click on the GAIEI logo below.

Alliance for Responsible AI

The Alliance for Responsible AI (AfRAI) is a union between four think tanks aiming at developping an evaluation systems and specific regulations in data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that guarantee a safe and inclusive development and use of this technology.
The origin of the AfRAI is the need to create an independent body that promotes a framework of certification to guarantee and monitor that AI is at the service of European citizens.
In 2021, the AfRAI launched its "Top of AI Startups Award" and in 2022 the "Top of AI Apps Award".
AfRAI members are :
- We the Humans
- Global AI Ethics Institute
- ISSG Beyond the Horizon
- Futurous