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Thiago Avanci

The future and technologies: Critical reflections on Cartesian and metaphysical analysis

It is always a hard work to establish prospects for human technology. A century ago, people thought about a futuristic world that today is called steampunk future, with steam-based technology and gangly wings; half a century ago, people thought of a futuristic world that today is called retrofuture, with tight, silvery clothes and devices that are not always functional. Not wanting to sound generalist, but it can be said that humanity tends to use a current and Cartesian ruler (topoi) to measure future events, in an exercise in futurology.


The importance of cultural diversity in AI ethics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing. And if we are not careful, it may well become a trojan horse for one single premise: the imposition of a universal approach to ethical decision making. The quest for this Holy Grail of a universal Code of ethics in AI has left in its wake a remarkable, if not worrying, quantity of projects aiming to establish a corpus of ethical standards to frame its development. This intention is laudable. But it is vital that we question the basis on which this corpus is established. And the fast-increasing number of initiatives requiring this tool makes the necessity of ensuring the basis all the more urgent. We must ask two fundamental questions. Is it possible to create one single tool for everything and is there a real widespread desire to create such a tool?

Olympic Games — What to expect now and in the future?

Since his first Olympics in 1992, Philippe gathered an expertise in Technology and mega-event. He was a director for the International Olympic Committee, he managed the Bid dossier for Expo 2020 Dubai, and now runs Futurous, the “Games” of Innovation. A new type of sports competitions with joint teams of male and female, athlete and para-athlete, sports and esports, mankind and robots and offering education and interactivity between competitors and spectators

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